Mission - SKILLS - Suad Kafafi International Language Learning School


A New Approach to Education


Our mission at SKILLS is to provide our students with solid grounding in education and extend the moral doctrine at home. Education and moral behavior will be achieved by our students with the aid of our dynamic and dedicated staff. This ensures that students will gain the maximum benefit during school hours. The use of latest teaching techniques will allow students to become successful, cultured and moral contributors to any community, be it local, national or global.

We believe that our students are the seeds of tomorrow's harvest and that they should therefore be nurtured and encouraged to grow by:

SKILLS aims to:

  • Provide a secure and stimulating environment
  • Provide confidence and self-esteem of staff and students
  • Foster a culture which develops an understanding of, and respect for, each others’ world view
  • Develop and nurture creativity and lead them to be problem solvers
  • Develop and appreciate Art through Music, Art and Drama
  • Encourage students to work purposefully and cooperatively
  • Encourage students to be lifelong learners
  • Prepare students for academic success and encourage them to be responsible and productive citizens maintaining their self-identity