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Elementary (Grades 1-5)

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Elementary (Grades 1-5)

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The Elementary School plays a major role as where the basic foundation is established. SKILLS Lower School offers a challenging program within a nurturing, caring and child-centered environment. Young learners thrive in a supportive atmosphere of high expectations and ongoing emotional and academic support that gives every child the opportunity to develop, excel and achieve his/her highest potential. The Elementary School curriculum includes Language Arts, Reading, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Arabic, French, Computer, Physical Education, Art and Music. Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of the English Language.

"Wonders" ELA (K-5) Curriculum Summary

Wonders is the curriculum used in elementary. It is a research-based English Language Arts program for grades K – 5. It is written to the Common Core Standards and integrates reading, writing, listening and speaking throughout its program. Wonders for English Learners builds language arts proficiency and provides daily opportunities for students to interact with complex texts through close reading that is connected to writing. Wonders is designed to foster a love of reading in all children. Through exploration of texts and daily development of their skills as readers, writers, speakers, and active listeners, students experience the power of literacy.. Instruction in the Kindergarten and Grades 1 & 2 primary grades builds strong foundational skills, including phonological awareness (instructional manipulation of sounds and words), phonics and word recognition, fluency and vocabulary. Students also have access to text with big books and teacher read-aloud..

For more information on Wonders please click https://www.mheducation.com/prek-12/subject/ELA

“My Math” Curriculum Summary K-5

“My Math” is used as the main primary curriculum for the elementary department. it is designed to the Common Core Standards. It focuses on problem solving as the foundation of mathematical learning using a variety of models to help students visualize and understand mathematical concepts. This program prepare your students for the real world. It teaches concepts in a highly effective approach with hands-on experiences that develops a deep and sustainable understanding. My Math encourages positive student interaction with mathematics which results in students developing an ability to easily solve complex, real-world math problems. For more information on My Math please click https://www.mheducation.com/prek-12/subject/math.html

Science: "A Closer Look" Curriculum Summary

Grade Levels: 1-5 Provide students with a solid foundation in science literacy! Science: A Closer Look helps students develop their ability to observe, compare, inquire, and evaluate while ensuring they learn the "Big Ideas" and essential core concepts of science.

About the Program

Science: "A Closer Look"

offers students exciting and accessible standards-based lessons. Engaging activities promote curiosity and foster the development of science inquiry skills. Through a consistent and structured learning cycle, students confidently build upon their experiences to develop a lifelong understanding of science concepts. Science A Closer Look…  Supports research-based instructional practices  Provides all students access to standards-based science content  Integrates content knowledge with broad based practices in the Nature of Science  Incorporates hands-on learning through activities and inquiry investigations  Infuses technological design and applications into the learning process

For more information on A Closer Look please click: https://www.mheducation.com/prek-12/program/science-closer-look-modules2012/MKTSP-GBY16M02.html?page=1&sortby=title&order=asc&bu=seg

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