Introduction to SKILLS American School in Egypt - SKILLS - Suad Kafafi International Language Learning School

Introduction to SKILLS American School in Egypt

A New Approach to Education

Introduction to SKILLS American School in Egypt

SKILLS American School is a Candidate of the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI). NCA CASI is an Accreditation Division of AdvancED).

SKILLS American School caters for children from Pre-school through Grade 12. Elementary School is from G1 – G5; Middle School from G6 – G8; and High School from G9- G12.

The curriculum of the American International School is modeled on a typical American school program and meets US core standards. It has been adapted to meet the needs of our student body, made up of Egyptian nationals and students from other countries.

Students graduating with an American High School Diploma open the door to universities in many parts of the world as well as universities in Egypt.

SKILLS American school system develops creativity and self thinking through renovated educational approaches. The American school system is tailored according to the needs and requirements of each student. It also focuses on extracurricular activities, history, and American literature. The curriculum works on delivering the schools philosophy of raising cultural awareness, renovated education, and discipline. The American school system is applied according to specific guidelines authorized and approved through the ministry of education. The system focuses on delivering core subjects, which are vital in the preliminary stages of a child's education. The curriculum will focus on delivering English grammar and punctuation, humanities (history and geography). Math and science according to their respective years. Education for pre-scholars will focus on jolly phonics, which stresses on proper pronunciation and speech fluency.   Calendar 2018/2019: Click Here