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Prof. Dr. Suad Kafafi (1928-2004), a Noble Prize nominee in the field of Education and The Founder of various Educational Institutions. Our Board of Directors are dedicated to continue her work and to abide by her principles.

Late. Prof. Dr. Suad Kafafi


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Message from the head of the school

Education Is The Greatest Gifts You Can Give Your Child.
With this intention, SKILLS was established in 2010. A school that empower young people to explore the best in themselves in order to develop a community of highly cultured individuals who are able to interact with the international community.

The school provides a well-rounded education that meets individual student needs while maintaining high expectations for each student that leads to academic excellence and high achievement. 

Students are  engaged in a developmentally appropriate, and comprehensive curriculum while individual needs and abilities of students are taken into consideration. Social and emotional curriculum and character-building classes are added to the students schedules in order to promote the social-emotional competence and resilience of our students.

The school recognizes the importance of engaging learners and other stakeholders in an effective manner to improve learning outcomes. We are committed to an open and welcoming school that engages the community to support and enhance students achievement.

SKILLS will continue to thrive and prosper and is engaged in a continuous improvement process that is focused on raising student performance, organizational effectiveness, and the capacity to support the learning process.   

Soha Youssef
Vice Chairman/General Director

Mission, Vision and History

Our philosophy is to promote excellence in education by fostering creativity and individuality. At SKILLS we promote the necessary skills to compete in our fast changing world.


Our mission is to work in partnership with the entire community to ensure that each learner acquires the knowledge, SKILLS and core values necessary to achieve social, academic and personal success in a technologically advanced world.


SKILLS is dedicated to promote excellence in education through a collaborative, supportive and student-centered educational environment that empowers each learner to excel and achieve his/her highest potential.


SKILLS School History SKILLS first opened its doors in 2010 and is founded in memory of the late Dr. Suad Kafafi (1928-2004), a Noble Prize nominee in the field of Education. Our Board of Directors are dedicated to continue her work and to abide by her principles.


SKILLS believes that all students can learn and it is our responsibility to: 

  • Encourage a love for reading 
  • Provide a secure, respectful, caring and supportive learning environment Provide a well-rounded education and a challenging and rigorous curriculum that meets individual student needs
  • Provide effective research-based learning and encourage students to be active learners
  • Develop excellent information technology skills 
  • Engage students, parents, families and the community to enhance learning and increase academic achievement
  • Encourage language learning to enable students to interact with the international community
  • Provide relevant professional development opportunities to support and enhance student learning