Introduction - SKILLS - Suad Kafafi International Language Learning School


A New Approach to Education


SKILLS Deutsche-Abteilung offers the National Curriculum in German Language under the supervision of the Ministry of Education.

German Language is provided from the Kindergarten stage as the first language (Mother Tongue). All teachers are German native speaking teachers.

The books for German language are of high standard, matching the level in Germany.

Mathematics and Science are translated by a professional SKILLS team and taught in German language.

We provide English language starting from Grade 1. In addition to the German language, Mathematics and Science, the National curriculum lessons include Arabic Language, Social Studies, Religion, Computer, Art and P.E.

Our main target is to teach our students from early age independence, sense of responsibility and discipline on all scales, in order to be able to cope with their entire academic and daily life on their own.

There is no need for the parents to be in command of the German language. We offer the FIT-program in cooperation with Goethe-Institute, as well as yearly summer programs for the students to enhance the reading, writing and communication skills in German language.