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Kindergarten (KG1 – KG2)

A New Approach to Education

Kindergarten (KG1 – KG2)

The philosophy from early stage in the Kindergarten is to teach the children the concept of “Help me, so I can do it myself” (Maria Montessori). The young students learn to act independently and through various creative projects, we focus on strengthening their motor and linguistic skills.

This is achieved through the weekly projects done with ART-Café in German language.

During the KG-stage we focus on:

  • Maximum independent learning and exploration by the child.
  • Building a character.
  • Offering our students a blend of freedom and self-discipline in a place designed to meet their developmental skills.
  • Making the children the center of learning.
  • Introduce learning materials to enhance the linguistic and motor skills.
  • Respecting each child while teaching them to do certain tasks own their own.
  • Following a structured curriculum teaching them German as a mother tongue, basic Mathematics skills, Arabic language as well as Ethics.