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A New Approach to Education


The objective of the School Discipline policy is to establish a safe and positive learning environment which increases student responsibility, confidence and learning.

The student has right to be respected as an individual, to receive the benefits of all school

services, to attend a school which is clean, comfortable, safe and adequately equipped, to express him/herself, as long as rights of others are not violated. All students shall have access to printed copies of school regulations.

The student is responsible for knowing and complying with school rules, for respecting and submitting to the authority of the school staff, for applying himself/herself to the best of his ability to the learning tasks, for attending school regularly and punctually and for using school facilities in a proper way that will conserve its usefulness.


Kg – Primary 3 Discipline Policy

Grade level expectations are established through guidance and role modeling.


The following are SKILLS Primary Student Conduct Expectations.

  • Listen to each other.
  • Hands are for helping not hurting.
  • We care about each others feelings.
  • We are responsible for what we say and do.
  • Conduct yourself in a safe, respectful and orderly manner.
  • Respect the rights of others, school materials and environment.
  • Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.
  • Raise your hand and wait to be called upon.
  • Ask permission to go to the toilet.

Teacher intervention

  • If expectations are not met, the teacher may select to use the following consequences to encourage positive behavior.
  • Warning; written or verbal.
  • Time out: removal from activity.
  • Student will be asked to write a note home.
  • Loss of 10 minutes of Break Time.
  • Loss of All Break Time.
  • Note to parent.
  • Call parent.
  • Teacher/teachers request for parent meeting.
  • Administrative referral to Head of Division.
  • Teacher creates individual behavior plan and referral to Social Specialist for behavior modification plan setting.

Administrative Intervention

If expectations are not met, the Division Directors will issue:

Warning (oral+ writing), requests for parent meetings, referrals to behavioral consultation and establish behavior academic future plans.

Grades 4 – Middle School/Prep

Behavioural Expectations

  • Conduct yourself in a safe, respectful orderly manner
  • Respect the rights of others school materials
  • Follow directions
  • Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself
  • Raise your hand and wait to be called upon
  • Come to class prepared (Books, pens, etc.)
  • Bring homework, assignments on time

If expectations are not met

  • Warning: written or verbal
  • Discussion with student
  • Time out: removal from activity
  • Loss of 10 minutes of Break Time
  • Full Break Detention
  • After school teacher detention/ Saturday detention
  • Request for parent meeting
  • Administrative referral
  • Behavioral consultation/ social specialist/ psychologist to established Student Action Plan

If expectations are not met the administration will request a parent meeting and assess situation and take necessary consequences to encourage positive behavior.


Bus Rules

Bus riders must abide by the following regulations:

  • Each student upon entering the bus must go immediately to his/her assigned seat on the bus.

  • No student shall stand or move from place to place on the bus.

  • Students shall enter and leave the bus only after the bus has come to a complete stop and door has been opened.

  • Students must stay in their seats with their feet on the floor and out of the aisles and keep their hands, feet, and objects to themselves.

  • Students must refrain from using inappropriate language, loud voice and making rude gestures.

  • Students should be waiting at their assigned pick-up points when the bus arrives.

  • All instructions given by the Bus Matron must be followed.

  • If a student breaks any of the above stated rules and depending on the severity of the offense the Bus Matron can:

  • Move the student to another seat

  • Contact the parents through the administration

  • 1 day loss of riding bus

  • 3 days loss of riding bus

  • 5 days loss of riding bus

  • Loss of riding bus for the remainder of term or school year

  • (Written notification will be sent to the parents)

  • It is totally forbidden that students ride a different bus, other than his/her specified bus.

Play Ground Policy:

During Break-time, every child is learning social skills such as: getting along with others, taking turns, sharing and communication with peers.

Break-time also refreshes your child, enabling him/her to be more receptive to learning in the classroom.

Please note:

All children are required to go out for Break unless a doctor’s note specifically requests the child not to go outside.

Play Ground Rules:

  • The student must not throw anything at any other student.

  • No toys allowed in the play ground.

  • Fighting games are not allowed. These usually go out of hand, resulting in someone getting hurt.

  • Hitting, pushing, shoving are all unacceptable. These actions can cause injuries.

  • Bullying is completely unacceptable. Never make anyone feel bad about themselves or make them do things they don’t want to do.

Gym Rules:

  • Students must be seated on entering the gym and remain seated until their teacher gives instructions.

  • All students must have proper P.E. shoes for the gym lessons.

  • No running around


Vandalism is forbidden. Vandalism is damaging or destruction of school property, books, materials, furniture, building, computer hardware or software and school buses.

Consequences: parents will be informed and restitution of property and/or payment of damages will be required.

The student will receive disciplinary sanctions according to the School's Policy

Bullying Prevention

Bullying is defined as any ongoing pattern of physical, verbal (spoken or written) or electronic abuse on school grounds, school premises and buses.

At Skills we recognize the impact bullying has on student health, welfare and safety. The school administration prohibits such behavior.

Bullying may constitute grounds for long-term suspension/expulsion, in accordance with the schools discipline policy.

The school administration will implement programs and procedures for the purpose of educating students regarding bulling prevention.

Saturday Morning Detention:

In extremely poor behavior or after administrative detention, students may be assigned Saturday Morning detentions. From 9 am -12 noon, and will be supervised by a staff member. Not attending Saturday detention will lead to in school suspension

In school suspension: student will be removed from class and assigned working tasks in the library.

Out of School Suspension:

Out of school suspension is removal from the school for a specific period of time.

Parents can pick up work for the student on out of school suspension. Before returning to school, students and parents will have a meeting with the General Director before returning to the classes.

This is the most extreme disciplinary action and will be used only in severe situations or after all other action have been exhausted

Fighting/ Violence

Students who take part in fights / aggressive acts/ using unacceptable language with others and behaving in an unacceptable manner will lead to consequences from break detention to out of school suspension.

Behavior Probation:

Probation is issued by the General Director of the school when it becomes apparent that a student has a serious problem.

The parent will be notified in writing

Probation gives the student an opportunity to change and to assume responsibility and acceptable behavior.

Academic probation:

Students with below average grades will be put on Academic Probation until the grades improve.

Students under Academic Probation are not allowed to participate in any school activity and team sports since they need to focus on/their studies.

Restoration Plan

It is our intention to lovingly restore students after a period of probation or a period of suspension. A committee including class teacher, Division Director, social specialist and school psychologist will cleary identify the offence and assist the student in identifying a plan to ensure improvement

Expectation of students in the classroom:

We will constantly emphasize in our classroom:

Responsibility and Respect are our highest expectations. We will help students learn to become increasingly independent as the year progresses.

Students who show independent working habits will be able to become "teaching helpers" for other students.

They will also have the privilege of being line leaders, delivering messages to the principal, etc.

Our goal is for ALL students to become independent learners. If a student has difficulty with behavior, we will ask him to fill out a Problem-Solving Form to come up with a solution to the problem. Severe misbehavior will need to be handled with more specific consequences.

Other Disciplinary Consequences

After-School Administrative Detention Students assigned After-School detentions will be given a detention slip and will have 24 hours advance notice. The student is to take the slip home and have the parent sign and return it. There will be no bus transportation. Parents must pick up their children.

Student Rewards

Our school behavior policy strongly fosters positive wide reinforcement and we do this by:

Verbal praise

Recognition through notes home or calls.


Special progress (lunch individual time with the principal, etc.)

Honor Roll

High Ranking Students will be on SKILLS Honour Roll

Work Awards

The teacher will award the student with points stickers and badges.

A badge will be given to the student by the teacher for each 5 points or an exceptional research/project.

When the student has collected 3 badges, the Division Director, will then give the student a golden badge.

Behavior Awards

Students who demonstrate good behavior in class, or in the playground will be rewarded with stickers and points.

A badge will be granted by the Division Director for each 5 points / stickers.

A golden badge will be granted by the School Director for each 3 badges.

Other Rewards

There will be other rewards concerning reading and being helpful to one another, perfect attendance, best line, sports medals and certificates; Along with Student of the Month, student of the Year in all departments.

Person of the week

This year we will celebrate individual students by inviting them to become "Person of the Week" we will draw one random name each Sunday. When your child's name is drawn, we will send home a notice, and you will have a week to gather photos of family, pets and other items your child would like to put onto the bulletin board.


Good communication between the school and parents is imperative.

If a complaint arises, parents should write a letter to the class teacher in a sealed envelope.

If the matter would be better resolved by meeting the teacher, then an appointment can be set up through the school's secretary.(All such appointments will include a member of Senior Management.)

Should a concern fail to be resolved at this level, parents may want to meet with the Division Director, by a previously arranged appointment.

If a parent feels that the problem has not been resolved, a formal complaint will addressed to the General Director stating the nature of complaint and how the school has handled it so far.

The General Director will review the complaint and check that it has first gone through the correct channels, before addressing any such complaints.

The General Director will consider all written complaints in a timely manner (within a week of receipt).

The General Director will arrange a meeting to discuss the complaint. After hearing all the evidence, a decision is reached and parents are informed about it in writing. However, the General Director's decision is final and not open to review.


  • Channel Book: Every child is issued a homework Channel book in which daily homework requirements will be written. Also memos from school will be placed inside this book for parents to receive any new information regarding activities and school events. Parents are encouraged to write any notes of concern to teachers in the channel book and teachers will respond to it.

  • School’s Monthly Newsletter: The Monthly Newsletter “Skills Spot” will be posted monthly on the website and also handed out to the students to take home. The newsletter is one way to ensure parents know what’s going on at school, staff news, future events, activities, educational articles and above all student-written poems, stories and interviews.

  • Teacher Days:

  • Parent:Two formal Parent-Teacher days are scheduled each year. All teachers will be available to meet with parents to discuss the student’s areas of strength and weakness and offer suggestions for the possible course of action.

  • Parents may also request additional meeting with teachers by means of a call to the School secretary. Teachers have very busy days and cannot be made available to meet with parents without prior appointment.

  • Teachers may initiate additional meetings with the parents at other times.

  • Parents can make appointments with Division Director on specified days.


Punctual and regular attendance is important for being successful in school and later on, in the world of work.

Parents are strongly urged not to schedule medical apportionments during the school day. Along with calling the school on the day their son/daughter is absent, parents are also asked to send a note with their child explaining absence, tardiness or early dismissals.


Truancy is defined as an absence from school or class without permission.

All truancies are recorded as unexcused absence.

Excused Absences:

Absence due to chronic health conditions or illness documented by a doctor.

A doctor's note will be required immediately upon return to school.

Death in the family or any sudden emergency.

Legal matters – courts . etc.

Unexcused Absences:

An unexcused absence is an absence without parental and/or administration permission.

Students will have one make-up day per every day absent.

When the student returns to school the teachers will make the necessary the effort to ensure that the student catches up with the missed work.


Promptness is essential for sustaining a good learning environment.

A student will be considered tardy he/she arrives to school after 7:45 am.


he only grounds for student dismissal are medical, extenuating family circumstances and sudden emergencies.

Students who need to be dismissed because of illness must see the school doctor who will, if appropriate, contact parents for dismissal approval.

In the event that a student has a medical appointment, parents must send a note to the Principal's office prior to the start of that school day.


  • The school arranges Open Days for parents to tour the school in action and attend Q & A Session afterwards. Brochures and all needed information are provided.

  • Application form and necessary documents: The following should be submitted: A completed application form Original computerized Birth Certificate (Egyptian applicants) Copy of student’s passport (Foreign applicants) Six recent passport-size photos Vaccination certificate Most recent school report (original) Transfer certificate from previous school

  • Entrance assessments in English and Math:

  • Interview with Division Director

  • Interview with General Director for final approval

  • Payment of Tuition Fees

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