Dear Parents,

Welcome to summer! It is with much joy that we welcome you to SKILLS Summer Camp 2022. This letter is to inform you about an exciting new opportunity that will be available to SKILLS’ students, starting on May 22 till June 20 (5 days a week) from 8 am to 2 pm. 

We believe that a summer camp experience at SKILLS is something your campers will not only enjoy immensely but they will also take home valuable lessons that will impact their lives. The unique mix of friendship and team building, focused learning and fun activities gives your campers a taste of life at its fullest.

Every camper will participate in focused learning experiences, where they learn about: robotics, horse riding, language, mathematics and fun activities. 

In cooperation with Fantasia Academy for Self-Development and Technological Training, we would like to announce that we are launching a Robotics Club for the first time for:

Professional and educationally qualified trainers who are qualified in the STEAM system will be working with your kids. 

Children will learn: 

Features Granted: 

∙ Certified certificate for each participant. 

∙ Technical evaluation report and core values for each participant. 

∙ Organizing competitions inside the school at the end of each camp for the participants

∙ Qualifying for the World Robotics Competition First Lego League. 

It is worth noting that Fantasia Academy is the authorized centre for the International Robot Competition First Lego League. 

The Summer Camp fees Is LE 3000 per child and LE 1000 for joining the school bus for transporting students to and from school. The deadline for participating in the Summer Camp and paying the fees is Wednesday, May 18, 2022.

If you would to enrol your child in the Summer Camp, we kindly ask you to fill in the following form following the link below:

Our staff is committed to helping campers learn in a fun and caring environment. Learning experiences are designed to keep the campers actively engaged and having fun too.

Thank you,

School Administration