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SKILLS National School offers the National Curriculum in English under the umbrella of Ministry of Education (M.O.E). The National Curriculum subjects are Arabic Language, English Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Religion, French/German, Computer, Art and P.E. 

Key stages

 The National Curriculum subjects are Arabic Language, English Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Religion, French/German, Computer, Art and P.E.

Kindergarten (KG 1 – KG 2)

Kindergarten is a stage in which children grow socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. Children’s success is based on involvement and enthusiasm that makes them aware of the world. We believe that teaching through innovative play encourages critical thinking abilities and stimulates natural curiosity.


SKILLS track students’ progress and adopt various teaching methods to ensure that all students achieve their utmost success. We are devoted to motivate our students to read as it is an essential part in learning a language. Further, we supply each student with the required materials to attain highest levels of Academic Proficiency. At the End of year six students set for an achievement exam under the governance of the Ministry of Education (M.O.E).


SKILLS provides the essential learning experiences to qualify students to use their potentials at their best. We prepare the suitable environment for students to prosper their thinking abilities and interests. Our teachers use the most advanced teaching methods that are proven to be the most sufficient. They work hard to strengthen students’ creative thinking abilities, apprehension and self-confidence.


Our Thanaweya Amma program qualifies students for the forward college stage, enabling them to become successful in their future careers and creative thinking. First Secondary 10 Students study a range of subjects to help them decide which groups of subjects they will choose leading them to Grade 11 and 12 for the High Stakes exams (Thanaweya Amma)

Ministry of Education (M.O.E)

SKILLS National School offers the National Curriculum in English under the umbrella of Ministry of Education (M.O.E)


Leading the way, so you can be confident our qualifications are world-class


For many people, the most compelling aspect of working at SKILLS is the sense of mission and community that permeates every school, department, program, and organization on campus. It’s a vibrant crucible of intellectual activity, research, knowledge creation, learning, and teaching. Here, results matter and creativity flourishes. We’re united by a culture that strives for excellence, but also supports us in our work.

Academic Calender

Academic Calendar for SKILLS students can access their detailed schedule on Moodle.

Reopening Guide

SKILLS is dedicated to promote excellence in education through a collaborative,
supportive and student-centered educational environment that empowers each
learner to excel and achieve his/her highest potential.

Core Values

  • Respect: We treat everyone with courtesy and respect.
  • High Expectations:
  • We Maintain high expectations for each student that leads to academic excellence and high achievement.
  • Equity: We provide all students with a rigorous and balanced curriculum aligned with quality instruction.
  • Responsibility: We Motivate students to become independent to take responsibility for their own learning.
  • Collaboration: Partnerships is essential for our success
  • Pride: We instill a sense of pride in our learners, school, and community.

SKILLS American School caters for children from Pre-school through Grade 12. Elementary School is from G1 – G5; Middle School from G6 – G8; and High School from G9- G12.

The curriculum of the American International School is modeled on a typical American school program and meets US core standards. It has been adapted to meet the needs of our student body, made up of Egyptian nationals and students from other countries.

Students graduating with an American High School Diploma open the door to universities in many parts of the world as well as universities in Egypt.

SKILLS American school system develops creativity and self thinking through renovated educational approaches. The American school system is tailored according to the needs and requirements of each student. It also focuses on extracurricular activities, history, and American literature. The curriculum works on delivering the schools philosophy of raising cultural awareness, renovated education, and discipline.

The American school system is applied according to specific guidelines authorized and approved through the ministry of education. The system focuses on delivering core subjects, which are vital in the preliminary stages of a child’s education. The curriculum will focus on delivering English grammar and punctuation, humanities (history and geography). Math and science according to their respective years. Education for pre-scholars will focus on jolly phonics, which stresses on proper pronunciation and speech fluency.

It is our duty to service the students we enroll into our programmes. We cater to our students the best that CIE (Cambridge International Examinations) has to offer them. Our organization is divided into three focal areas: service providers, Campus, and Curriculum. Our service providers are certified, knowledge seeking educators in their respective fields. At SKILLS British School, we are keen to provide our teachers with the necessary support needed for their professional development and to enhance their performance in the classroom. SKILLS campuses are well equipped with the latest technologies available in Egypt to insure the educational process of our students. Our non-core labs (ICT, Humanities, Science) are well equiped and designed to empower, encourage and evaluate our students progress. The curriculums are provided through a rigorous educational system delivered by CIE.

We have dedicated staff members who are attentive and watchful towards our student’s behaviour at school. We set examples for our students and emphasize on a solid moral code among the students, staff and all participating bodies of the educational structure.

Parents’ and Students’ Handbook Download HERE

  • We have creative, professional staff members, who are keen to deliver their outmost for their students.
  • We have an “Annual Science Fair”, where students have the freedom to create their favourite Science projects.
  • Using the latest interactive programms in and outside the classroom to better enhance the student’s creativity.
  • Designing and preparing for several field trips exploring the different topics in delivered within the Humanities Curriculum.
  • Implementing music and dance into the student’s curricula. Involving

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