Student Life

SKILLS Student Life has a lot to offer such as trips, sports, theatre, extra-curricular clubs, community service and student council. Please take the time to browse the different sections of our student life areas to get a glimpse of what it’s like to be a student in SKILLS.

Dress Up days

Every year, the School has a few dress-up theme days. Those days are listed in the calendar for parents to be prepared with costumes early on. Below is a list of those days:

  • The Birth of the Prophet
  • Halloween 
  • Christmas and New Year 
  • Ramadan and various festivals of the like

The school will be decorated by teachers and students in the run up to the different festivals.  The children decorate their classrooms with ornaments and decorations that they have bought or made to make it look festive.  Children will come to school in traditional clothes or dressed up in costumes to mark the event. Children can also bring snacks.  Please note all dress – up days are optional.

Educational Events

The education of students throughout SKILLS is supported and enhanced through a wide range of educational events. Every Thursday we will have a special event. The list is too long to show them all, but examples include:

  • Hand Washing Global Day
  • Anti-Bullying Week
  • Love Day
  • Sports Day
  • Children Day
  • World’s Smile Day
  • Science Fair
  • Spring Celebration
  • 100 Day Celebration
  • The anti-bullying week
  • Environmental Week
  • Community Service Week/ Charity Events
  • Annual Spelling Bee


  • Trips outside of school form an integral and influential part in the development of all our students. Even if the trip appears to be ‘just for fun’, most trips have a specified curricular purpose.
  • Cultural Visits which will usually involve a visit to venues like theatres, art galleries and museums.
  • Many trips are ‘local’ visits during the school day, which tie-in with the curriculum across a number of subject areas.
  • Our students will take virtual field trip; virtual field trip will be relevant to what students are learning.  A virtual field trip is a guided exploration through the World Wide Web that organizes a collection of pre-screened, thematically based web pages into a structured online learning experience. It is an opportunity that will enrich learning and the curriculum.


At SKILLS, sports play a very important role. We offer our students a wide range of activities and sports during our sports lessons.

We have an annual Sports Day for the Early Years students as well as an annual Sports Day for the Primary / Prep. & Secondary students. During these Sports’ Days parents are invited to attend.

Performing Arts

Performing Arts is derived from many different aspects of the curriculum and also various extra- curricular activities. Dance, drama and music are taught within the curriculum of the school, performing to an audience also being a curriculum objective. Performances of instruments, singing, plays and musicals are produced during the year.

Performances range from little assemblies to show other students or parents what theme/s students have been learning in school, to annual class or year group concerts to larger plays or musicals.

Performance Arts help students to gain confidence in their abilities, to learn to work together or alone depending on the type of performance, to learn and develop new skills, and allow them to celebrate a talent or skill that they really enjoy.

Extra-Curricular Activities

We are excited this term to include Activities into the school day  every Thursday through the different clubs. Activities replace After-School Activities and provide the opportunity for all children to try new things, develop interests and hobbies, and engage with peers. We will run 5-week activities sessions each term.