A Welcoming Message from The Vice Chairman: Mrs. Soha Youssef - SKILLS - Suad Kafafi International Language Learning School


A New Approach to Education

A Welcoming Message from The Vice Chairman: Mrs. Soha Youssef

September 4, 2016

Dear parents,

First of all I would like to welcome all the existing and new parents to our new academic year 2016/17, hoping that you had a relaxing and peaceful vacation.

I would like to announce three major updates having taken place in our esteemed school. The first one is the opening of our new International American Division. The second one is the appointment of Mrs. Suzy Khalifa as our new Principal of the English National Division. Mrs. Suzy has a long year experience in the academic field. With her leadership, I am positive to look forward to productive and fruitful achievements. The third update is the promotion of Mrs. Nermine El Daly to be the Consultant of the National Arabic Curriculum. I am sure of Mrs. Nermine's professionalism and of her being an added value in that specific field.

Please note, that we have set orientation dates for all the newcomers for all four Divisions. The exact dates are mentioned below on our Facebook page. We will be very glad to welcome you all in order to introduce our entire team and the forecast for the upcoming academic year.

Am happy to announce as well, that our school is growing and expanding. Due to all the effort and devotion, we have achieved a distinguished reputation amongst the schools in Egypt. That wouldn't have been achieved without the hard work and effort of all the colleagues.

In order to gain a global impression about our school and the services provided, please visit our amended new webpage: www.skills.edu.eg

I would like to thank the SKILLS team for their input, eagerness and loyalty, as well as I would like to thank all the parents for your belief and faithfulness in us.

All the best for our new and fresh start.

Soha Youssef Vice Chairman